You can invite your bookkeeper, business partner, or anyone else to use the LessAccounting app!

There are two types of members - trusted and untrusted. A trusted member would be someone who you are comfortable with having access to all of your records. An untrusted member would be someone who would have limited access to your records. The privileges that each member receives is detailed in the app. Neither type of member can close the account on your behalf. Here is how to invite someone:

  1. Log in using your credentials
  2. Click on "Settings Panel"
  3. Click on "Members:
  4. Add your invitee's information.
  5. Click on "Invite as a Trusted Member" if inviting them as a Trusted Member
  6. Click "Save"

The invitee will get an invitation and will be able to access the account and do whatever they need to do. If they need an orientation to the app, please email