From the deposit:

  • Go to your Transactions page and locate the deposit you'd like to apply to the invoice. (We suggest using the "Deposits Only" under Filter by Types so you have less transactions to sort through.)
  • Open the deposit to edit it, and click "Apply this payment to an invoice" next to Regular Income
  • Select the invoice you'd like to apply it to and save.
    Please note: We only show the most recent invoices, but you can search for older invoices either by reference number, client name, or amount. Please note that numbers should be whole numbers, so for example if the invoice reference number is 2014-0001, just search for 0001. If the amount was $500.50, just search for 500.
  • If needed, you can use the Split button at the bottom to split a deposit across different invoices

From the invoice itself:

  • Go to your Invoicing page and open the invoice you'd like to mark as paid
  • Scroll toward the bottom and click the "Apply Payments" button
  • Select the deposit transactions that you'd like to apply*. If you need to manually create a deposit, click the "New Deposit" link in the top right of the Apply Payments section.
*Please note: We will only show deposits from 10 days before the invoice date as well as all deposits after that invoice date. It is unlikely you will have received a payment more than 10 days before you even sent the invoice.