You can set up invoices to be automatically created and even emailed to your clients based on any schedule you'd like, whether it's once a week, once a year, or every 3rd Friday of the month. Here's how:

  1. Go to your Invoicing dashboard by clicking Invoicing in the top navigation
  2. Click on the "+ Recurring Invoice" button near the top right
  3. Step 1: When Fill in these fields to set your recurring schedule. (Below are more details about each field.)
  4. Step 2: Template Fill in your invoice details here, including the client and line items.
  5. Step 3: Finish Save!

Once your invoices start sending out, you can review the sent history by clicking "History" below step 3.

More about the fields in Step 1: When

  • Next on is the date that this recurring invoice should first be sent. It can either be today, or a date in the future.
  • Ends on is the date that this recurring invoice should stop sending. It must be a date in the future. Selecting "never" means it will be repeated based on your schedule until you come back in and set a stop date.
  • Repeats every is how often it will repeat based on the Frequency period you select. For example "Repeats every 1" with the Frequency period of "Month" means it till repeat every 1 month (or once a month)
  • Repeats on the lets you decide whether you want the invoice to repeat based on the DATE you chose or the DAY OF THE WEEK the first invoice happens to land on.
  • Email it? lets you decide whether you want each recurring invoice to be automatically emailed to your client ("Yes please") or if you simply want the app to create the invoice and save it as a draft for you to manually send yourself ("No thanks")

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