Your "Sending History" on invoices also includes the status of invoices you've emailed. Below are the definitions of each status and how to troubleshoot anything that was not actually "Delivered" or "Opened."

Sent: Your message has left our email servers but has not reached your recipient. Once it has, the status will be updated to "Delivered" if it was successful, or we'll explain what happened.

Delivered: Your message has been delivered to your recipient, although does not guarantee it arrived in the inbox. Delivered means the message was simply accepted by the receiving server, but they does not necessarily mean the message reached the inbox. If your recipient doesn't claim to see the message, have them check their spam folder.

Opened: We insert a small, transparent image into all messages that are being tracked for Opens. When your recipient's email application loads images, it pulls the image data from our email servers and registers an Open event.

Please note: Not all email clients load images by default so there may be many occasions where recipients will have received a message, opened it, and even clicked on a link, but we will not be able to track this.

The following are statuses that imply an unsuccessful delivery:

Bounced: A bounce occurs when a sent message is rejected by the receiving mail server. The most common causes for bounced email messages include a misspelled email address, a nonexistent email address, or a full recipient inbox.

What to do: Double check the spelling of the email address. Contact your recipient and make sure their inbox isn't full.

Deferred: A deferral occurs when an ISP is for some reason not ready to accept email from your IP address. Instead of blocking or bouncing the message, the ISP will defer receiving the message and wait for the email to be resent. An ISP may do this because it doesn't recognize the IP from which a message originates; or it could just be that their system just isn't accepting the email at that specific time.

What to do: Give it some time. If after some time, your message still cannot be delivered, please contact your recipient to make sure they are not purposely blocking your messages.

Dropped: In certain cases, we may “Drop” a message to a specific email address in order to protect your sender reputation. We use a service that keeps Email Lists to track bounces, spam reports, and unsubscribes for each of our users. If a user sends a message to an email address that exists on one of these lists within their account, we will automatically drop the message (i.e., not send to the address).

What to do: If you believe that the email address you entered should be able to receive your messages, let us know and we can manually send it.