LessAccounting makes it easy to find a specific transaction, as long as you know SOMETHING about it, whether it's the date, title, or a tag or note you wrote on it.

Option 1: Filter your Transactions by date range or transaction type

When on the Transactions dashboard, you'll notice a See Transactions column on the left of the page. From here you can filter by date range (including ALL DATES) and transaction type. If you know the date (or an estimate) of when the transaction occurred, select a date range. If you just know what type of transaction it was (expense, deposit, transfer, etc.) select to filter by transaction type.

Option 2: Search for your transaction Open up the search window by clicking the magnifying glass in the top left of the screen. Enter in part of the transaction title, amount, or perhaps a tag or note you wrote on the transaction. We'll present you with matching results.