1. Create a manual bank account by going to Settings then clicking the "Create a financial account" link.

2. Click the "add account manually" option under the financial account search drop-down.

3. Name your bank account anything you'd like and enter your starting balance, and then click Save.

4. Download your transactions from your online bank account as a QIF or QFX file. (These are common financial file types.) If you only have the option for a CSV, you can convert it to a QIF using this web tool: http://csvconverter.gginternational.net/



On LessAccounting: Click Settings in the top navigation
Click the "Configure" button next to the account you want to import the file for. 
Navigate to the "Manually upload account transactions" option and browse for your file.

Now you'll see a summary of your file, scroll down and save it. (Don't worry, you can always categorize your expenses after the data has been uploaded.)

Now the app will review your file and distribute the data to various parts of your account. You will receive a notification email once our import is complete and your transactions are ready to view and edit.

If you do not receive this email within an hour of your upload, do NOT attempt to re-upload your file. It may create duplicates if the other file is still uploading. Just email support@lessaccounting.com and we'll look into your file.
Tip: Import as much older data as you'd like. For example, let's say you want all of this year's data up to today. Just download that data from your bank, then import it into LessAccounting. After that, just import your new transactions as often as you'd like. Let's say you decide to import data once a month. If you imported January 1-May 15, next month you will want to import transactions from May 16th up until the day you are importing on.