You can designate what portion of an invoice's total is due at the time you send the invoice.

You'll notice an "Amount Due" field at the bottom of your invoice create/edit screen. This will allow you to set what portion of the total invoice amount is due on the current invoice. It must be equal to or less than the balance owed.

If you choose to use one of our payment processors (WePay, PayPal, Stripe, or Square), the amount specified in Amount Due is what will be charged to your client.

Great for those times when your client owes just a portion of the total bill, such as a down payment, or if your client needs to pay you over time. You can continue to resend the same invoice with a new "Amount Due" until it is paid in full.

(Pssst, you can even translate "Amount Due" to whatever you'd like it to say under Settings > Translation.)