You should have been prompted to set up at least one financial account during the sign-up process. Examples of financial accounts are: a checking account, a savings account, a credit card account, or even a PayPal account. You can set these up to either auto-import data from your financial accounts (recommended) or you can set them up to manually manage.

Set up auto-import: This is the set up that we recommend. We will automatically bring in your newly cleared transactions directly from your bank. That means no more manual data entry!

  • Click "Settings" then the "Create a financial account" link
  • Click "Search for a financial account" and start typing in the name of your bank or credit card. (Here are some tips for searching.)
  • Select the appropriate search result. Not sure which one to use? Each result has a URL beneath the name. Find the one that has the website address of where you log in for your online banking.
  • Follow the prompts to enter in your bank credentials. This is login information you use to log into your bank. It may be different than what you use to log into LessAccounting. Depending on your bank's security measures, you may even be prompted to answer some security questions.
  • Once we validate your credentials, we'll present you with a list of all the accounts we were able to find at your bank's site. Just select which ones you want to import! For example, if you use the same login for both business and personal accounts, you may want to just import the business ones.

Set up manual: If we do not support your bank or perhaps you just prefer to manually manage your accounts, choose this option.

  • Click "Settings" then the "Create a financial account" link
  • Click "add account manually" below the financial account drop-down
  • Name your bank anything you'd like and add your starting balance.
  • If applicable, mark if the account should not affect your P&L report and/or if it is a credit card account.
  • Save your changes.