Recommended Setup Checklist

  1. Connect your business bank accounts to LessAccounting through nightly importing (It's under Settings > Financial Accounts)
  2. Connect your business credit cards too! (Settings > Financial Accounts) Read more about how credit cards differ from bank accounts and how to set them up.
  3. Invite your business partner and/or accountant to your books for free (Settings > Members)
  4. Start tagging your expenses and deposits to track your cash flow. Read more about tags.
  5. Add your clients, employees and contractors as Contacts. Read more about setting up employees and contractors.
  6. Add your logo and mailing address (Settings > Logo, Settings > Mailing Address) Read about adding your phone number, website and more to your mailing address.
  7. Add custom expense categories (Settings > Expense Categories) Read about deleting, editing, and creating custom categories.
  8. Create and send out your first invoice (Invoicing > + Invoice) Read about setting up recurring invoices.