Sometimes you make one purchase that includes a bunch of smaller items that should either go to different categories or maybe need to be tag differently. For this, you can use our Split expense option.

Open op the expense in the create/edit screen. You'll notice a SPLIT button at the bottom of the screen. Click this to split a deposit in 2. Click it again to add a 3rd split (and so forth.)

Enter in the individual expense totals into each split. The last split will automatically be calculated based on whatever will result in the original expense total. This prevents you from accidentally splitting an expense more than it should be.

For example: If the total of the expense is $100 and you split it into $20 and $30, the last split will automatically be $50 as that would result in the original $100.

You can add notes, tags and even categorize each split separately. Don't forget to save your changes!