You can create an expense and mark it as UNPAID.

  • Go your Transactions Dashboard and click the "+ Expense" button in the top right
  • In the 3rd field, click the date to enter in the due date of the bill
  • Then click "Paid Date" right next to the date. This will switch it from "Paid Date" to "Due Date"
  • Save!

Once the bill is paid, go back into the expense and click "Due Date" to switch it back to "Paid Date" and mark it as paid.

To see a list of your unpaid bills, go to "Unpaid Expenses" on your Transactions Dashboard under "Filter by Types". You may want to filter by "All Dates" to include upcoming bills whose due dates are in the future. We'll also list unpaid bills on your Dashboard under Spending Stats.

Upcoming bills will also be listed on your main Dashboard under Spending Stats.